Jupyter Lesson 8: Jupyter Notebook Keyboard Shortcuts

To make things easier Jupyter gives users many keyboard shortcuts.

View all available keyboard shortcuts

  1. To view the entire list of keyboard shortcuts by going into Command Mode (Press Escape) and then pressing the“H” key.
All Available Keyboard ShortCuts

Some useful Command mode keyboard shortcuts

  1. “A” : Insert cell above
  2. “B”: Insert cell below
  3. “C”: Copy selected cell
  4. “X”: Cut selected cell
  5. “S”: Save and Checkpoint
  6. Shift + Enter: Run current cell and select cell below”
  7. “M” : Change cell to Markdown
  8. “Y” : Change cell to Code

Some useful Edit mode keyboard shortcuts

  1. Command/Control ] : Indent
  2. Command /Control [ : Decent
  3. Command/Control / : Comment
  4. Command/Control A : Select All
  5. Command/Control  up : Go to cell Start