Pandas for the Anaconda Jupyter Notebook

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My name is Henry Palma and I have been working with data in Finance and Technology for the last 16 years. I have worked for Investment Banks, Consulting Firms and Credit Card companies helping to design financial calculation engines and reporting systems. The lessons in this program are designed to teach you real world applications of Pandas and Python in a professional environment. My goal is to get you up and ready to start coding in Python and Pandas as soon as possible. 

This program is designed for professionals curious about data analysis and data engineering with Python and the Pandas Data Analysis Library. You don’t need to be an experienced programmer to learn in these tutorials. I will give you some code and explain how it works. You will be able to take that code and use it in your day to day learning. In my experience learning to program really boils down to learning some code and then tinkering until you understand how things work. This program is designed that way.

This program is spite into 3 sections. The section on the Anaconda Notebook will walk you through the basics of the Anaconda Notebook. The section on Python will get you familiar with the Python language and the code you will need to get started with the Pandas library. The section on Pandas will get you up and running with all of the fundamentals of the Pandas data analysis library.